Terms & Conditions



  1. CONDITIONS OF SALES These conditions are deemed to be the only conditions which are acceptable and will prevail over any conditions of others unless otherwise agreed in writing by the seller.
  2. ROMALPA CLAUSE Until payment in full has been received for all goods, work and materials comprised in any contract between the seller and the buyer, full legal and beneficial ownership of the goods and materials shall be retained by the seller notwithstanding that the risk in the same shall pass to the buyer upon delivery.
  3. ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER The seller reserves the right to refuse any order, including subsequent to the sending any order acknowledgement.
  4. PAYMENT Payment is due within/by thirty days from invoice date.
  5. PRICING Unless agreed in writing between the seller and the buyer, all prices charged will reflect that price applicable at the date of invoice.
  6. TAXATION Prices quoted exclude taxation e.g. value added tax and are subject to the addition of the appropriate rate of tax at the time of delivery.
  7. CANCELLATION OF ORDER Goods ordered from the website, with the exception of special orders and customised items, may be returned for a full refund, excluding the value of carriage, packing and administration costs, within seven working days of receipt, providing the goods are unopened and in their original packaging. The seller reserves the right to charge up to 25% of invoice and/or goods value should an order be cancelled or the buyer fails to accept delivery in accordance with the terms of the order. The same charge may be made should the goods be returned. Special and customised orders may not be returned.
  8. FORCE MAJEURE All orders are accepted on the understanding that the seller is not held responsible for any delay or loss arising from the contingencies beyond their control such as War, Strikes, Lock Outs, Fire, Accidents, Breakdowns, Shortages of Labour or Materials.
  9. CARRIERS Claims for discrepancies, shortages or damaged goods, whether by our own transport or carriers sub-contracted by the seller, must be made to the seller within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. All customers MUST sign the carriers delivery note confirming receipt.
  10. LIMITATION OF SELLERS LIABILITY No responsibility is accepted by the seller for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly out of goods supplied or for any damage or loss by reason of any failure of the goods to comply with the specification.
  11. DISCOUNTS AND NET PRICES Discounts and negotiated net prices are offered for payment to our terms as detailed above. The seller reserves the right to disallow any discount and/or to invoice the buyer for the list price on negotiated net prices given should payment exceed our terms and expect payment of any disallowed amounts in full.
  12. MINIMUM ORDER VALUE The seller reserves the right to request CASH ON DELIVERY payment for any invoice valued at 25.00 and under excluding value added tax.
  13. LAW This and any contract shall be governed by the LAW OF ENGLAND.